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You want a photographer that will be by your side through the entire process.  One who will help you with everything from choosing outfits to hanging your portraits on your walls. 

You want someone who will make you feel less stressed about the whole experience.  Who knows that the kids may not sit still.  And that Dad may not be super into it.  But she won't sweat it because she has lots of tricks up her sleeve.

You are looking for a photographer who has high standards, is meticulous and gives 100%.  You want her to notice if your hair is out of place, or your husband forgot to take his cell phone out of his back pocket (yes, this is important).  And you appreciate a photographer who will get to know you and give you a personalized experience -  and images that capture the essence of you, your family, or your business.

I know we haven't met yet, but let me see if I can guess a few things about you. If I'm right, then we just may be a perfect fit.

You want photographs that will do more for you than fall into the black hole of images on your phone.

You desire an experience that is smooth, easy and fun.  

You value quality, attention to detail and service.

You want them to make a difference in your family, your home, and (if you're a boss babe) your business.

As a mom you want your photographs to make you feel love, gratitude, and joy.  You want them to make you laugh.  Even to make you cry.  You want them to remind you that what you do every day matters. You want them to adorn the walls, table tops, and shelves of your home.  So that your family - and everyone who enters - knows what matters, too.

As a professional you want your images to tell the story of your personal brand so you can build a trusting connection with your audience.  You want them to help you stand out in the marketplace, increase your conversions, and save you time and effort

Hi, I'm Robin, a portrait photographer in Sacramento, CA.

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A portrait is not made in the camera, but on either side of it. 

- Edward Steichen