Brand SESSION faqs

I'm here to help you figure that out! You'll receive a Session Prep Guide that includes tips on what to wear.  Then during your Brand Discovery Consultation (Planning Consultation Call for Simply Headshots) we'll talk more about it and I'll give you ideas and suggestions.  You can also send me snapshots of some of your outfit ideas if you'd like my input.

If you're interested in professional styling help, I can make a recommendation for someone you can work with.

What should I wear?

Looking your best depends most on one thing - your confidence!  The feeling you convey in your images will have much more of an impact than the perfect outfit or pose.  Because I help you come prepared for your session, guide you through every shot, give you lots of feedback and encouragement you'll have everything you need to show up confidently in front of the camera.

Additionally, you'll receive tips on choosing outfits and styling your hair and makeup.  I have a few professionals I can recommend in these areas as well if you desire additional help.

How will you help me look my best?

Creating a gallery of images that ooze with your personality and brand story is all about the planning!  It starts with a questionnaire you'll fill out to help me get to know you and your brand in more detail.  Then we'll meet together (via Zoom) to discuss and plan out all of the details.  From outfits, locations and props to ideas for specific shots, we'll make a detailed Master Action Plan so the end result is images that will get you results!

How will you make sure my images showcase my brand?

During your Brand Discovery Consultation (or Planning Consultation Call for Simply Headshots) we'll discuss and decide on the location(s) for your session.  I have a number of recommendations I'll show you based on what I feel will best suit your brand and your session goals.

If we decide to choose a location that requires a reservation, I'll take care of getting it booked.  However, you'll be responsible for any required fees.

Indoor locations will be considered on a case-by-case basis depending on the current status of the Covid-19 regulations in our county and our ability to determine the safety of doing so for both of us.

How will we choose locations?  Who will secure them?

The length of your session will depend on which session package you choose.  That being said, the times I list for each are approximate and I'm not a strict clock-watcher.  I like for our sessions to be as relaxed and fun as possible!  I will, of course, be respectful of your time and make sure we're done precisely on time if you need to be.

How long will the session take?

Within one week of your session you'll have access to an online proof gallery to select your favorite images.  Once you've made your selection I'll complete the final edits and have have the finished images ready for you to download in one week.

You'll be able to download both high resolution images (for print) and lower resolution images (for the web) in Jpeg format directly to your computer and other devices.  If you need special sizing or cropping for any particular uses I'm happy to provide those as well.

How are the final images delivered?

As an artist, I would certainly prefer my work remain in its original form.  That being said, I know there may be instances in which you might want/need to make adjustments and you have my permission to do so.

I do recommend, however, you take note of my editing style when choosing to work with me.  I want you to have images that you're 100% happy with and are ready to go!  Why create more work for yourself?

I'm also happy to make minor adjustments to my editing if I know ahead of time you're looking for something specific.  Your photos should fit perfectly with your brand and I'm here to make that happen for you!

Can I use filters or edit my images?

You'll receive an almost unlimited commercial use license outlined in your contract which allows you to use them for your business as long as you need.  You can use them for your website, social media, other web-based platforms, such as YouTube, and even on the cover of a book you author if that's something you're working on.

You may not 1) sub-license them to a third party unless it's for the purpose of promoting you/your business, 2) use them to create products for sale (except for a book cover/contents you author), or 3) sell copies of them to anyone.

There will be a few other limitations outlined in your contract, such as not entering them into contests or providing them to be used as stock photos.  However, none of these will directly impact their use in your business.

Are there any limitations on how and how long I can use my images?

Yes!  The Ignite Your Images Power Hour is designed just for this purpose.  During this mentoring session I can help you with choosing the best images for your website, creating a content planning strategy and how to increase engagement with your images on social media.

The Power Hour is included with every Brand Ignite and Brand Refresh Session and can be purchased as an add-on to the Brand Refresh Session.  You can learn more about that HERE.

Do you provide any guidance on how to make the most of my images?

If the forecast shows rain other other inclement weather on the day of your outdoor session we'll reschedule for another day.  Or we can also consider renting a studio or other space.  We'll keep in contact in the days leading up to your session if the weather's looking bad and make the final call to rescheudle as late as the day before the session if needed.  (Studio or space rental may not be an option last minute).

What if it rains?

I understand that life happens, so if you need to reschedule and let me know at least 48 hours prior to your session I will do my best to find another time that works for you.  However, if you need to change the session date a second time a rescheduling fee may apply. 

If you're sick, by all means let's find you a new spot on my calendar.  Please do not come to your session if you're ill, even if you feel relatively well.

What if I need to reschedule?

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