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February 14, 2019

I am a photographer.

But what you receive from me is more than a photograph.

While this has been the case since day one, as I have grown as a photographer and a businesswoman, I have learned and discovered ways I can serve my clients even better.  I feel the best way I can serve you is to provide you with these two important things:

  • an easy and fun portrait experience
  • beautiful images you’ll love to display, share and pass on

(1) An easy and fun portrait experience

Getting my photo taken can be fun, you ask? Why yes, yes it can! Here are a few reason why I know it stresses you out and how I can turn that around.

I don’t know what to wear

Choosing an outfit for yourself and your family can be a challenging task, I know. That’s why you’ll get my Planning Guide that has tons of tips and suggestions. We’ll also have a Planning Consultation before your session when we’ll work out all of the details surrounding your session, including what to wear.

I’m worried my kids will misbehave

I hear some form of this concern often from moms before their family session – and I always assure them that it will be okay. I have plenty of tricks up my sleeve to get your kids smiling and having fun.

Since my style of photography is more about candid and interactive moments, it’s that much easier to get amazing photos when children are not into posing for the camera.

I’m not sure what to do with the photos or how I’ll choose the best ones

This process actually becomes much easier when we start it before your session! Your Planning Consultation allows me to get to know you, and also your space and taste.  That way I can help you figure out the best way to display your images. 

Knowing the end goal will actually help us with all of the other decisions.  It also helps me during the session so I can make sure I take images that will fit perfectly with the products you choose.

When your images are ready to view we’ll meet virtually for your Image Reveal and Ordering Session.  From the comfort of your home, you will join me in an online video chat. Grab a snack and snuggle up on the couch while you view your images for the first time.

After the slideshow of your images, you will get to see exactly what your favorite ones will look like, at the right size on your own walls (using images you send me).  This allows you to “try it before you buy it” so you know what you’re ordering will work perfectly in your space. And because we did all of that preplanning, the process will run even smoother.

Wall art gallery of maternity portraits taken by Robin Collette Photography, Sacramento Photographer

(2) Beautiful images you’ll love to display, share and pass on

While the whole portrait experience with me is easy and fun, I don’t want you finish it without something tangible to show for it. It still requires your time, effort and money and if leave you to figure out what to do with your photos on your own, then I feel I’ve done you a disservice.

In my experience, the odds of you ever getting your photos printed will be much, much less if all you receive from me are the digitals.

Done-for-you professional printing services

After helping you choose your favorite images and products, I take care of everything to make sure you receive high quality heirlooms.  Your images are edited and calibrated to my professional lab’s printers so the final result matches what I created.  When they arrive and have passed my inspection, I will deliver them to your home.

From start to finish, it’s all taken care of for you!

Products that last

I offer a selection of professional, high quality products so your portraits will not only look good, but will stand the test of time.

One of my favorites is The Deco Album, which comes with a unique box that turns the album into a display piece.  Not only does it allow you to view the cover image every day, it sits as an invitation to view your entire album often.

Family portrait album with unique display box from Robin Collette Photography, Sacramento Photographer

Having your album displayed in a prominent place in your home makes it easy for visiting friends and family to enjoy your images as well.  Can you picture where you would put yours?

When you are ready to adorn your home with new, beautiful portraits, I’d love to be the one to make it happen!  Drop me a note HERE and let’s chat on the phone or over coffee about the possibilities.

I can’t wait to hear from you!

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