5 Surprising Ways Professional Photography Benefits Your Small Business

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January 7, 2021

As a small business owner you’re likely aware of the importance of your online presence in our increasingly digital world. But…

—–> You don’t have time to keep creating content and you’re tired of trying to do it on the fly.
—–> You shy away from posting images of yourself on social media because you don’t like how you look in photos.
—–> You’re worried about the cost of a professional photographer.

So…you keep using occasional selfies and cell phone snaps your kids or husband take of you.

Or you just don’t post much at all.

And your website? Well, you’ve been meaning to replace the stock images and your old headshot for ages.

Well, I’ve got great news for you! There’s a solution for of all of these issues (and more)…


professional business photo of health coach with Robin Collette Photography


Brand Photos vs Headshots

Think of headshots like your first handshake with a potential customer.  In the digital realm, they are most often what you’ll use for your profile picture and possibly your ‘About’ page on your website.

Brand photos, on the other hand, are akin to sitting down with that potential customer over a cup of coffee.  These images help them get to know you by showcasing your personality and what you do.

Brand Photographers vs Portrait Photographers

Just about any professional photographer can take beautiful images of you to use in your business.  But when you work with a photographer (like me!) who understands the ins and outs of brand photography you’re going to end up with more than just nice photos of yourself.  These images – and the experience of creating them – will impact you and your business in many wonderful ways (read on!).


Self-confidence is so important for business owners!  If you don’t believe in yourself and what you have to offer your clients, how will they?

You may think a photoshoot will make you feel vulnerable and uncomfortable, only giving you opportunity to scrutinize your perceived flaws.  However, when you work with the right photographer, it’s actually an amazing opportunity to see yourself in a new light.

Photos of You You’ll Actually Love

A skilled brand photographer knows how to direct and pose you as well as make you feel at ease in front of the camera.  The result?  Images that you look amazing in and actually love!

Images you’ll want to post!

lifestyle business photo with testimonial

Investing in Yourself

The experience of a brand session is a confidence booster as well.  When you spend time and money on yourself and your business it helps create a confident mindset.  You are affirming your calling, purpose and capabilities.  It’s like saying to yourself, “You got this, girl!”

brand session photo of woman on stairs with testimonial


Time is a very precious commodity for the small business owner!  Any systems or practices that can save time will decrease stress, improve productivity, and increase profits.

Say Goodbye to Selfies

Even as a professional photographer, trying to take my own quality photos is very time consuming, not to mention challenging.  From choosing outfits, to trying to find a suitable location in my house, to getting the camera set up it’s quite a complicated affair.  If you’ve attempted it, you know exactly what I mean.

A brand session allows you to hand over the camera and have someone come alongside you, not only to take the photos, but help you plan out all of the details.

Create Content in a Flash

No more searching for stock images or decent photos of yourself!  The end result of a brand session with me is enough images to use for up to 3 months of posting (or more, depending on how often you post).

You’ll have a library of amazing on-brand images at your fingertips for your social media posts, website, Linkedin, email signature, ads, brochures – any place you need them, anytime.

collage of brand photos of female small business owner


Have you ever noticed that when you post an image of yourself on social media it gets more engagement than most (if not all) of your other posts?  This is true for me almost every time.

And it’s not because I’m scroll-stopping gorgeous or write extraordinary captions – cuz I ain’t and I don’t!

It’s simply because our audience wants to get to know us.  We humans love connection and story!

brand photography image of woman praying overlaid with Seth Godin quote

Connect on a Personal Level

People want to know the person behind the products and services they’re going to invest in.  Showing photos that capture your brand story as well as your true personality help your audience get to know the real you.  It also offers a level of vulnerability that will help you connect with them on a deeper level.

And that connection builds trust.

Post Consistently

To achieve growth and engagement on social media takes showing up consistently.  If you’re not regularly posting and engaging, when you do your reach will be smaller (thank you, almighty algorithm).

One of the barriers to consistent posting is not having quality images to support your content.  Once you have the images from your brand session, you have one less excuse to not post more often.

Stand Out from Your Competition

It’s important that your brand is consistent across all platforms and materials you use to show it to the world.  Your website, social media accounts, ads, business cards and other marketing materials should all have the same look and feel.

This cohesiveness will help you stand out because it:

  • increases your professionalism
  • helps build trust
  • and positions you as an expert.

Not to mention it makes you more easily recognizable.

You don’t want someone to link to your website from Instagram and wonder if they’ve landed in the right place.


When you show up authentically as the face of your business you’ll naturally start to draw in your ideal clients.

Of course, your messaging is very important, but stand-out images are also essential.  Having on-brand images to compliment your targeted message is like having your very own dream client magnet!

Communicating Your Brand Story

Pretty pictures are nice, but the type of imagery that’s going to get you noticed online and help you draw in your dream clients has to be more than visually appealing.  Effective brand photos help you communicate with your audience about:

  • what you do
  • why you do it
  • what it’s like to work with you
  • what makes you different from your competition

Attract and Repel

If you’re trying to appeal to everyone, you’re more likely going to end up appealing to no one.  You need to be unapologetically YOU and the right people will come along.  Not everyone may like you, or want to work with you and that’s perfectly okay.  Your brand photos will help you attract your people by showing your audience the real you.


I think you know what happens when you start attracting your dream clients, right?…You start making more sales!

So, while you may be unsure if you have room in your budget to hire a professional, don’t forget the old adage that it takes money to make money.

A Worthwhile Investment

A professional brand session is not just a splurge, it’s a great investment in your business.  The end result of all the benefits discussed above are raving fans and loyal clients that want what you have to offer.


You may have a lot of excuses why you’re not ready for a brand session right now, but let me give you the biggest reason why NOW is the perfect time.

Waiting will cost you.

Time.  Growth.  Impact.  Profit.

Even if your business is doing really well, why not take the step to launch your growth even further?


Let’s chat so I can answer all your questions and help you determine if I’m the gal to help you take your online presence to the next level and grow your business. Contact me here to start the conversation.

You can also learn more about the brand photography experience I offer by visiting THIS PAGE.

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