How to Create Brand Photos Full of Personality

brand photo of young woman taken by Robin Collette Photography

April 27, 2022

If you want brand photos that will grab attention and connect with your dream clients then they need to be full of personality! It’s important that they convey your uniqueness and help viewers get a feel for you and your brand. I work closely with my clients as we plan their session to create brand photos full of personality. But here I’m sharing my best strategies with you!

Define Your Brand Personality

Your brand personality is essentially the human characteristics of your brand and how you want people to perceive it. If you’ve done my Brand Identity Quick Start Guide then you have this first important step done! 

Figuring out your brand personality is all about fleshing out how you want your ideal clients to feel when they interact with your brand as well as how you want them to relate to you.  Start by writing down words that describe your personality and words that describe how you want your clients to feel when they see or think about your brand. Knowing all this ahead of time will help you go into your brand session with a plan so your photos will capture your brand personality.

Be Expressive

Not every photo should be of you just smiling at the camera. A well-planned session will include capturing other expressions – excited, thoughtful, friendly, silly. Just make sure they’re true to your personality and are in line with your brand personality.

brand photo of business coach showing her excitement as she works with a client

You can practice different expressions in front of the mirror, but it’s ultimately up to your photographer to elicit them during your session. I always make sure I have a thorough understanding of my client and her brand so I can give prompts and directions to elicit her best expressions and draw out her personality.

In addition to helping your photos connect with viewers, including other expressions also gives them needed variety. This is super helpful when it comes to creating content for social media.

Strategically Select Your Location

young business woman sitting on a comfortable couch with her journal

Location can make or break your session and the results! The right location will not only up-level your photos but will also help convey your brand personality.

Consider the colors and feel of the setting and what it communicates about you and your brand. Will it help your client get to know you and what it’s like to work with you?

A comfy couch in an uncluttered setting can communicate your easy-going style, showing you’re warm and approachable. Or you could show your spunky, outgoing side by choosing a colorful mural as a backdrop.

Include Interesting & Relevant Props

female entrepreneur holding some of the products she sells

A brand session without props is like a car without an engine!  Which is why I spend a lot of time helping my clients choose which ones to use for their session.

Props can convey so much in a photo, including your personality.  They also help you loosen up and look natural in front of the camera.  You can use them to show what you do in your business, things that are important to you, hobbies you enjoy and so much more.

And speaking of hobbies…

Share a Hobby

By showing a hobby you help your audience and potential clients get to know you. Especially if it’s something you have in common, it will allow them relate to you and build trust. It gives them a glimpse into your life which will help them form a picture of what it would be like to work with you. This takes them just another step closer to becoming a client or customer.

business woman holding a cookbook in a kitchen to show one of her hobbies

You can certainly use these strategies on your own to take photos for your business, but if you would like to make a lot easier consider working with a brand photographer – like me!

If you’d like to learn more about the process I take my clients through to create these personality-filled images, check out this page. Then get in touch so we can chat more specifically about how I can create them for you!

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