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young business woman standing in doorway adjusting her glasses to pose for brand photoshoot

From Camera-Shy to Camera-Ready If you struggle with insecurities about having your photo taken, you’re definitely not alone! Concerns about feeling awkward in front of the camera, not knowing how to pose, and not liking how you look in photos are ones I hear from my clients all the time. But as they start to […]

brand session image taken by Sacramento brand photographer; female with long red hair sitting on a teal couch looking at flowers on coffee table in front of her

So you’re in search of a brand photographer? Fantastic! Let me start by giving you a virtual high-five for choosing to make this investment in your business! Because it is an investment, you want to make sure you choose a photographer who can get you RESULTS. And by results, I mean so much more than […]

Branding photography image taken by Robin Collette Photography. Prop idea for personal branding photoshoot Female wearing pink jacket and walking down a sidewalk holding 4 large pink helium balloons by attached strings.

Looking for prop ideas for your personal branding photoshoot? Check out these creative ideas and tips on how to choose the best props for your brand.

lifestyle headshot of female entrepreneur by Robin Collette Photography

You’re ready to exchange your outdated headshot for a better photo but how can you make sure you end up with one that you’ll love – and that will get you noticed?  As an experienced headshot and brand photographer in Sacramento I’ve helped numerous business women up-level their online presence with scroll-stopping images – and […]

Female headshot by Robin Collette Photography; woman with long blond hair wearing a black hat and olive green sleeveless vest

As a small business owner you’re likely aware of the importance of your online presence in our increasingly digital world. But… —–> You don’t have time to keep creating content and you’re tired of trying to do it on the fly.—–> You shy away from posting images of yourself on social media because you don’t […]

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